Self storage for decluttering

Whether you are selling your home, planning a move or are simply fed up with being faced by mess every day, make today the day you begin your decluttering journey.

Prioritse your rooms to declutter, and tackle them one at a time to make the job less overwhelming.  Then set time aside to do the job properly.

Donate to charity what you don’t want or need – or if it’s broken, or no good, bin it or recycle it.  However, there will always be items that you want to keep, but just don’t have a place for.

Until you need them again, bring them into self storage and keep them out of your way.  The feeling of freeing up valuable space in your home will be incredibly liberating!

Just choose the size of storage unit you need – and if it’s only a couple of bulky items (or boxes of items) that you want to store, take advantage of our cost-effective pay per item storage offer.

You may wish to store items and sort through them a little at a time.  If this is the case, if you find anything you no longer wish to keep, we offer a disposal service too.

If you need more inspiration to start your decluttering, take a look at our short decluttering video guide to get you started.

You can reserve a space online instantly, or feel free to give our team a call to discuss your needs.

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