Declutter your life

Clearing the clutter in your home will help tidy your mind, as well as your immediate surroundings.  And the benefits of a clutter-free property have been proven if you are trying to secure a sale.  Here are a few starters to help you get going with the decluttering.

  • Sort your possessions into four categories: keep, sell, give away and throw away. Be ruthless and don't move clutter to your new home.
  • Be organised and tackle one room at a time. Do a clockwise sweep of each area, first dealing with items on surfaces and floors, and then those in cupboards or storage units.
  • Give yourself a deadline to fix any broken items - if you do not get them repaired, discard them.
  • Some charity shops may collect larger items of good quality furniture or electrical goods.
  • Make sure you have plenty of boxes and bags handy to make your sort-out easier.
  • Keep a selection of tubs or boxes with you in each room you tackle, to keep useful but often misplaced items such as batteries or pens, so you will know where to find them when needed.
  • Introduce a new rule of 'one in, two out'. For every new item you buy, get rid of two old ones to ensure your new home stays clutter-free.
  • Your de-cluttering will allow you to find useful or treasured items you may have forgotten about and also give you a true idea of what you own and what you need.

We have prepared a free decluttering leaflet with tips and advice on how to present your home for sale.  Just email us with your address to request a free copy at

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