Removals to Australia

Moving to Australia is a life changing event and one you have every right to get excited about.

At Andrew Porter Limited we have extensive experience in removals to Australia and we will guide you through the process to make sure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Your dedicated move co-ordinator will be able to advise you on moving to Australia from UK soil and will talk you through what to expect from your move, as well as informing you of your shipment vessel and arrival date.

As a guide, your shipping will take around six to eight weeks with a dedicated service or around eight to ten weeks with a groupage service, which is a cheaper option as your shipping container is shared with other people's belongings.

If you require any items delivering quickly, we can arrange an air freight service.

Depending on whether your move will be temporary or permanent, or if you are not quite sure, you may wish to put some of your belongings into storage to save the expense of shipping them to and from Australia.  We provide comprehensive short-term and long-term storage options at our purpose built warehouse - one of the largest of its type in the UK.

Before planning your move to Australia, you should check the latest Australian Customs Guide for information on what you can and cannot take with you on your move and what you may have to pay duty on.

Australia has stringent controls monitored by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) and your belongings will be subject to a physical inspection.  Make sure you thoroughly clean all items before packing and ensure no soil, plant or animal matter is present on any item (for example do you have a bike with mud on it? Do you have antique furniture which may have woodworm?)

Transporting vehicles to Australia

At Andrew Porter Limited, we have many years of experience in removals to Australia, which includes shipping vehicles, so you can be sure your vehicle will be fully protected and in safe hands throughout its journey.

Before planning the shipment of your vehicle to Australia, you should complete a Vehicle Import Approval Application, which must be approved and returned to you by the Australian Vehicle Safety Standards Department before your car can be shipped. Your application could take more than two weeks to be processed and you will be charged a $50 fee, so you should make allowance for this.  It would be helpful if you could provide a copy of your approved application to Andrew Porter Limited.

Strict entry protocols apply when shipping your car to Australia. You must be a first-time immigrant to the country in order to import your car and you must have owned it for a minimum of 12 months before you send it for shipment.  Before your arrival in Australia, you must have the appropriate visa in your passport and you need to have a receipt for purchase of the vehicle as well as import approval from the Road Safety Standards Department. Your vehicle will also be subject to duty and tax at the rates which apply to your vehicle.

It is extremely important that your vehicle is clean and free from any mud, soil or plant matter before it is shipped to Australia.  All vehicles will be inspected by AQIS and if they are found to require steam cleaning or fumigation, then additional charges will be applied.  It is recommended that you thoroughly steam clean your vehicle before shipment.

Andrew Porter Limited provides containerised vehicle shipment to Australia. Your motor vehicle can be secured in a dedicated container or can be packed along with your household items in a larger shipping container.

Moving pets to Australia

Your beloved animals will be able to move to Australia with you provided they meet AQIS import conditions.

Most dogs and cats will be eligible for import as long as they have been living in the UK for at least six months, are not under quarantine restrictions and are at least six months old.  However, certain breeds of cat and dog are prohibited. There are also vaccination and microchipping requirements for imported animals and strict quarantine arrangements regarding mandatory blood testing for rabies neutralising antibodies. Quarantine time in Australia ranges from 30 to 150 days, depending on the amount of time the animal has spent in the UK following the blood sampling (minimum 60 days).

You must complete an import permit application for your dog or cat before they can move with you to Australia, with fees beginning at $480 for an online application.

Please refer to the DAFF website for more detail and information on other animals.

If you have specific questions relating to removals to Australia or would like a quote, please contact our International Removals Australia team today on 0800 389 1222.

This information is intended as a guide only and full checks on immigration requirements and import restrictions should be carried out before your move.

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