Storage Insurance

You need to be sure that your belongings are protected while out of your possession, and Andrew Porter Ltd's removals and storage insurance will enable you to rest easy, knowing that your valuables are covered in the event of any damage during transit.  Unlike many other professional storage services firms, fire cover is also included in our insurance policies. 

Why Storage Insurance is Important

Storage insurance allows you to cover yourself against losses greater than the limits set out in our terms and conditions and for risks where you have no right of recourse over the removal contractor, while your belongings are in transit to the storage facility.

With removals insurance you will not have to prove negligence by the moving company as long as the cause of loss or damage is not excluded by the policy.

Insurance for Transit and Storage

Our removals insurance covers your goods against loss or damage while in our care and control.  We will provide a full policy wording detailing what our insurance covers, including full coverage on damage by breakage, vehicle accidents, fire, storm and theft.

Fire insurance on any stored items is included in the policy.

Andrew Porter Ltd's insurance will compensate for, replace or repair any lost or damaged goods, with the insurer's approval.

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