Three clever ways self-storage can make your Christmas easier

06 Dec 2018 Three clever ways self-storage can make your Christmas easier

There are a lot of things to juggle when it comes to organising the perfect Christmas.

Self storage can make your life easier over the festive period by giving you extra space to keep your things so you can make sure your home is ready for any family and friends who will be visiting over the holidays.

Here are three ways, using self storage could make your life easier this Christmas:

  1. Somewhere to hide the clutter

If you’ve got people coming to stay with you over Christmas, you may be wondering where you will put them. Perhaps your spare room is currently full of boxes or your cupboards are groaning with clutter? Moving some of your stuff into storage will give you some space to get your home ready for guests. You could even keep your storage unit after your guests have gone home and use it to store away things like extra chairs and fold-up beds ready for the next time you have visitors.


  1. Keeping presents a surprise

If you have bought some big and bulky presents this year, short-term storage will help you keep them safe without spoiling the surprise or having to resort to banning family members from certain rooms of the house. Simply keep them in storage until you need them.


  1. Seasonal swap shop

When you get your Christmas decorations out, you probably find you are struggling to find space for other less festive ornaments and pieces of furniture. Put anything that doesn’t fit in with your Yuletide makeover into storage until after the celebrations are over. You can then swap everything over and have somewhere safe to keep your Christmas decorations. You can also put summer items like barbecues and garden furniture away until the weather is warmer.

Andrew Porter Limited offers safe and secure units in a wide variety of sizes in its Self Store facility. With free parking and a café on-site, you can access your items when you want to. We can even lend you a van to transport your items or help you when it comes to unloading your own vehicle. You can book the space you need online in moments and keep it for as long as you need it. We only ask for one week’s notice making us a flexible and affordable storage solution.

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