Reverse Logistics / Inbound Logistics

Our reverse logistics services can help manufacturers with the problem of returned goods, helping our clients to reduce losses, regain value and provide customers with a full and professional service to keep them using your business time and again.

We are one of the few reverse logistics companies to offer a full range of services that will help you avoid the inevitable costs associated with a poorly-managed returns service.

As part of Andrew Porter Ltd's established inbound logistics services, we will call your customer and collect their item within 7 to 10 days. We will inspect the item and put back into stock if unopened. Also as part of our inbound logistics services we can send the items back to you, deliver to an auction house or nominated charity, or arrange for them to be scrapped if necessary, depending on your specifications.

Our reverse logistics services include de-installation and removal of end-of-life furniture goods at the customer's site, as well as provision of returns data, allowing for trend analysis and stock management. We can provide operations for high volumes, as well as shared deliveries, offering maximum flexibility

You can be sure of a high-quality and environmentally friendly inbound logistics service from Andrew Porter Ltd. We recycle 100% of our cardboard and polythene waste and nominated charities collect specified items from us.

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