Keeping archives safe is vital, and off-site storage is a necessity for many businesses.

Back up archives often need to be kept away from a business’s main premises, in case of fire or burglary, so that important information is not lost.

Archives may also include sensitive or confidential information that you need to control access to.  This can be tricky in some business environments, but our self store units are all individually locked and can only be accessed by members of your organisation who you provide with an entry fob.

What’s more, each of our units is covered by CCTV, 24 hours a day, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your valuable data or files are safe.

Some customers decide to add shelving or racking to their storage units, making it simple and easy to file and access their data and retrieve it when necessary.  Talk to our team today if you would like a cost for having shelving installed.

To make your life even easier, we offer all new business customers up to eight weeks of self storage at half price.

Reserve online instantly or contact us for more information.

Andrew Porter have now launched a dedicated laboratory relocation specialist, APort Global. As part of this there is now a dedicated web site where you can get all the up to date and relevant information about our laboratory relocation services.

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