Self storage for life events

Often in life we’ll have to deal with the unexpected, and sometimes these events can impact on our quality of living.

Here are a few examples of how self storage can be a lifeline when we’re faced with significant or unexpected events.

New arrival

Bringing home a new baby also means bringing a whole host of new belongings to your home!  Along with the essential prams, cribs, toys, clothes and gifts, you’ll need to re-purpose a room to create a nursery. 

To accommodate all your extra items, you’ll need to have a good clear out – but inevitably there will be items you don’t want to part with.  Self storage can really help out by allowing you to keep important items out of your way, and giving you some space to help with the sorting.  It can also give you breathing space to keep items your baby grows out of, while you get round to selling them or finding them a new home.

Moving in with a partner

Going from two homes to one means ending up with two of a lot of things!

To save arguments on whose sofa, stereo or wardrobes you get to keep, make life simpler by putting some of each of your items into storage while you decide on what’s what.  This is also helpful while you decide if your current arrangement is suitable for your needs, or if you need to move somewhere larger where your extra furniture will come in handy.


Dealing with the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult experience.  In many cases, family members will be left to sort out a large amount of belongings from the person who has passed away.

This can be a very stressful thing to have to do and many people choose to put the items into self storage, so that they can return to deal with them when they feel ready, rather than straight away.

This is also a useful option for anyone who needs to sell or empty the deceased’s property quickly, as it saves a huge amount of time.  At Andrew Porter Ltd we can even dispose of any items that you no longer wish to keep, once you have sorted through everything.

Often, people may find that they inherit furniture or other items from loved ones that they do not currently have space for, but do not want to part with.  Self storage is a great option here too.

Home improvements

While the majority of people have the luxury of planning their home improvements, there may be some occasions when it becomes an unexpected necessity – for example due to a breakage, flood, fire or other occurrence.

In either event, work in the home often involves clearing entire rooms at a time, leaving you with a battle for space.  Self storage is convenient and will allow you and your family to continue life as normally as possible for the duration of the works – which can often go on longer than expected!


If you leave a long term relationship or are going through a divorce, there may be a period of uncertainty when you are living in temporary accommodation before deciding on what’s best for your future.

Self storage for divorce can be the perfect option to keep your belongings safe, while giving you the time to decide what exactly you will need, and when.  If there's anything you don't want to keep when you move out of store, we can dispose of items for you.

Whatever type of self storage you require, you can book online or call us to discuss your needs.

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