Self storage for moving home

Moving house creates all sorts of extra work and jobs to be done – not to mention stress.

Particularly if you have a chain to deal with, it can be difficult to plan moving dates and to find enough time to sort out your move schedule.

One way to buy yourself some time and space is to use self storage during your home move.

It may be that you find you need to move into rented or temporary accommodation while you wait to move into your next permanent residence, and you need to put the majority of your furniture and belongings into store.

If this is the case, we can  help out by delivering your belongings to your new home direct from our self storage facility, to save you the job of unloading.

Perhaps you’d just like to clear some space, and sort out some of the packing in advance so you’re not rushing at the last minute.  Many of our customers use self storage to store furniture, clothes and boxes of items that they know they won’t need before their home move.  It means you can do your packing steadily as and when you’re ready.

We can also provide all the packing materials and equipment you need from our on-site store.  And if you book your home move with us, we’ll give you boxes, wardrobe cartons, packing paper and tape at no charge.

Give our team a call to discuss your self store or home removal needs, or book your storage space online.

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