Retail delivery services

Andrew Porter Ltd is a specialist in retail delivery services and supply chain management. We are one of the few retail delivery companies to have our own fleet of vehicles, which deliver goods from UK manufacturers as well as importers and wholesalers, to retailers across the country.

We have numerous clients using our retail delivery services for retail, so we are able to offer competitive rates by combining deliveries that we can consolidate at our purpose-built furniture storage warehouse.

Andrew Porter Ltd offers a range of options for our retail delivery services, including direct delivery from factory gate or direct delivery from our warehouse. Through these options we can act either as outsourced supply chain managers or as an outsourced warehouse, with the options of groupage delivery to ensure flexible delivery options.

We have the great honour of being one of only a handful of retail delivery companies to have been named Best Supply Chain / Logistics Company by Interiors Monthly, as voted for by furniture retailers in 2010.

We know the importance of completing deliveries on time, every time, and our customers can rely on our professional standards to ensure that goods arrive safely and securely within agreed timescales.

Ex factory gate

Andrew Porter Ltd can collect your furniture products direct from the factory gate to deliver to retail outlets.

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to administer extended supply chains, and if managed poorly this can lead to logistical problems such as stock shortages, unacceptable lead times and inefficient use of resources. The experts at Andrew Porter Ltd can take away the worry of managing your supply chain and handle everything on your behalf.

We can offer a fully integrated national and international retail delivery services solution from point of supply to end user. This management service gives you the peace of mind that your goods will be delivered in a timely manner, safely and securely by our fully-trained retail delivery teams.

This allows your company to concentrate on its core business, with the knowledge that your supply chain is being managed by one of the UK's most respected retail delivery companies.

We can assist you with full or part load road services throughout Europe; air and sea freight forwarding; container logistics and port to UK destination services.

Contact the Andrew Porter Ltd team to discuss your specific requirements.

Ex warehouse

Our purpose-built furniture storage warehouse, which is the largest in North West England, allows us to decant your goods into our store directly from the importer and consolidate these into viable loads to transport across the UK.

In this way, Andrew Porter Ltd can act as an outsourced warehouse to store and distribute your furniture efficiently and cost-effectively.

With our groupage service, goods are delivered to our warehouse from our customers or their suppliers as required. We then consolidate the orders into loads and book these with the retailer or end customer before distribution. Our customer service teams will liaise with you and furniture delivery times can be varied to suit your individual needs.

This service is very beneficial to customers as it provides a flexible service with no minimum delivery volume requirements - eliminating the need to manufacture or ship in loads.

Customers using our groupage service benefit from the ability to track all deliveries and we will ensure all orders are collected from your suppliers within the agreed timescales.

Contact our team to discuss how we can help meet your specific requirements.

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