Environmental Considerations

Andrew Porter Ltd operates an integrated environmental policy across its business arms to ensure the highest possible 'green' standards

As a relocations firm we are conscious that our operations create a significant carbon footprint, which we are committed to reducing.  We implement environmental policies in numerous different ways throughout our business practices and have been shortlisted for multiple 'green' business awards.

At Andrew Porter Ltd we can advise you on potential environmental issues affecting your forthcoming commercial move.  In this way, we can help your company meet environmental targets and uphold your corporate social responsibility - a particularly important factor for customers and stakeholders.

Reuse and recycling

Reuse of unwanted goods is always our first priority before looking to recycle materials.  Through our partnership with Furniture Re-use Network, we collect items of unwanted furniture and IT from our business relocation clients and distribute these to charities across the country. 

Across our business relocation arm we also recycle approximately 85% of all waste cardboard, plastic and metal - more than 260 tonnes between 2010 and the end of 2011.  In total, 100% of items we collect are reused or recycled.

We will carry out an audit of waste for your project and all reusable items will be identified and recorded.

Our teams will manage the dismantling and separation of these items into their recyclable components. We will organise for our vetted recycling partners to remove the recyclable products, such as metal, plastic, glass and wood, and transport these to nearby recycling centres.

Certain elements can be used in the manufacturing industry, while wood, for example, can be used for fuel, chipboard or wood chip ground covering.

At the planning stage of your commercial move, Andrew Porter Ltd will conduct a waste audit to establish whether any items - such as furniture or technology - are re-usable, to prevent unnecessary disposal.

Any such items will be collected by Andrew Porter Ltd, repaired where necessary, and either re-sold into the local marketplace or passed on to our partners in charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations to use for a beneficial cause.

Items which are not wanted or not repairable will be broken down into component parts for recycling, using our vetted network of recycling providers. Andrew Porter Ltd can provide you with documentation advising of our procedures, so that you have records for your environmental credentials, which your customers may wish to view.

We can help with the reuse of items including desks, chairs and other office furniture; kitchen appliances or equipment; IT equipment and other waste electrical items (under the WEEE directive). All computer equipment will be wiped of data prior to disposal, in line with legislation. Hard drives and all data will be destroyed using modern software and media shredders, in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Our standards can help your company achieve environmental targets and establish green credentials by adhering to the considerate disposal and recycling of furniture and office equipment.

Environmentally friendly transport

We have invested significantly in bespoke vehicle routing technology and sensitive vehicle tracking systems to save on journeys and fuel usage. 

Altogether, these technologies save us the equivalent of running an extra two vehicles for a year - a total of 100,000 fewer kilometres travelled.

We also have a policy to refurbish vehicles rather than buying new.  We refurbish trucks after five years, which gives us an extra three to five years' life from them, because of our very low mileage rates compared with other firms within the logistics industry.  This saves us buying an extra four vehicles per year.

As well as reducing the amount of emissions polluting the environment, our transport policies reduce scrap metal and rubber and the high environmental impact of new vehicle production, through lowering mileage and extending vehicle life.

We have also invested in new exhaust systems for our fleet to reduce the amount of emissions.

All businesses have a responsibility to protect our environment, but for some this is more difficult than for others.  At Andrew Porter Ltd we have gone above and beyond our statutory duties to ensure our activities have minimal impact on the world around us.  We have made significant investments and adopted innovative methods to reduce our carbon footprint, which we believe makes us one of the most environmentally-conscious haulage companies operating in the UK today.

Please contact our specialist commercial removals team for more information on how Andrew Porter Ltd can help reuse or recycle your waste items.

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