Dangerous Goods and Chemicals Relocation

If you need a highly professional firm offering dangerous goods and chemical relocation as part of your laboratory relocation needs, look no further than Andrew Porter Limited.

Laboratory moves can often require the handling of hazardous substances, and our specialist staff have extensive experience of dangerous goods and chemical relocation using transportation by road, air or sea.

As well as safely and carefully transporting chemicals from class 2 to 9, we also put procedures in place so we can deal with any issues quickly and effectively in the extremely unlikely event that something unexpected happens.

Andrew Porter Limited has a certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) on hand to advise on all chemical and hazardous substance moves, separately from main relocation requirements.  Our DGSA ensures the safe transportation of hazardous materials, providing a high level of understanding of the regulations around packaging, documentation and the acceptable mode of transport. 

And we take liability for the entire moving process, as well as packing and creating all the necessary documentation for dangerous goods and chemical relocation to any global destination, reducing risk to you as a business.

If you choose us to carry out your laboratory relocation, we will carry out an initial assessment of the volumes of your dangerous goods and chemicals, before supplying you with all the necessary packaging, which meets regulations for the chosen mode of transport. We will also supply you with hazard labels, complete all the dangerous goods documentation and send a fully-qualified team to pack, label and transport your goods so you don't have to worry about a thing.

To find out more, please email or call our dangerous goods and chemical relocation team on +44 1257 676006.

Andrew Porter have now launched a dedicated laboratory relocation specialist, APort Global. As part of this there is now a dedicated web site where you can get all the up to date and relevant information about our laboratory relocation services.

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