Laboratory Equipment Relocation

At Andrew Porter Limited we have our own in-house training centre for our crews to perfect the careful techniques required to move lab equipment, from relocating centrifuges and relocating a mass spec, through to moving large -80 degree C freezers.

We are experienced in the relocation of a wide range of specialised items, including but not limited to:

  • Medical laboratory equipment
  • Scientific laboratory equipment
  • Dental laboratory equipment
  • Hospital laboratory equipment
  • Microbiology laboratory equipment
  • Chemistry laboratory equipment
  • Forensic laboratory equipment
  • Mass spec relocation

Before we begin relocating laboratory instruments, all equipment is individually identified and asset logged, including serial numbers, and then labelled to ensure it can be located quickly and easily at its destination.

Specific protocols for the packing and transportation of laboratory equipment are identified and integrated into the overall project SOP.  Handling and transportation protocols that are developed by Andrew Porter Limited in conjunction with your OEMs and validation service providers' own requirements are signed off prior to any equipment being handled.  All protocols are designed and implemented to enable faster setup at destination and a smoother dovetail of procedures into IQ, OQ and PQ validation, post relocation.  Andrew Porter Limited has extensive experience in relocating mass spectrometers including GCMS and LCMS variations as well as other critical laboratory instrumentation.


Specialist equipment

Andrew Porter Limited uses specialist equipment for the packing and transportation of valuable laboratory equipment and relocating laboratory instruments.  Our range of hydraulic lifting equipment assists in the safe and secure movement of items into and out of buildings, protecting assets from damage and aiding in our commitment to handle equipment under strict protocol adherence.  Our overall objective is to handle instrumentation in line with the OEM's guidelines and reduce the time it takes to re-validate once delivered to destination.

High value or delicate equipment and instrumentation is protected in anti-static wrapping and then separately packed into individual crates, which are lined with heavy-duty foam supports and surrounds that help to absorb sudden movements during transportation.  For international relocation our specially built crates for air and sea-freight help to mitigate the risk associated with both modes of transport.


Building protection 

We protect access to your laboratory prior to loading and unload to avoid any potential damage to the fabric of the building.   Floors, walls and doorways are padded with protective materials which are applied subject to authorisation and in line with any air-lock requirements.  Protective coatings are removed and then taken for incineration after use.

After your move is complete, packing crates are also removed and then disposed of sustainably.

For more information contact our specialist laboratory removals team on +44 1257 676006

Andrew Porter have now launched a dedicated laboratory relocation specialist, APort Global. As part of this there is now a dedicated web site where you can get all the up to date and relevant information about our laboratory relocation services.

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