Relocation and Revalidation of Assays

Andrew Porter Limited is one of the few laboratory relocation service providers to offer the relocation and revalidation of assays.

Consideration of the relocation and revalidation of assays is particularly critical for laboratories which are involved in providing regulatory standard bioanalysis, when ensuring the continuity of the performance of assays being used to generate data.

During your relocation project, we will ensure that the physical relocation and re-qualification of laboratory instrumentation is complemented by the re-establishment of the assays being used. While the guidelines and considerations for this are not always defined, the various applicable authorities, including the FDA and EMA, both require and expect validation experiments to be conducted, to ensure continuity.

We will build time into the relocation plan to allow sufficient time and resources are allowed to carry out the significant amount of planning, review and experimental work which will be required to achieve laboratory productivity for each assay, which is likely to take considerable time both prior to and post-relocation.

This specialist relocation and revalidation of assays service is one of the many provisions we offer as a result of our significant experience and expertise in the sector of laboratory relocation.  Don’t forget that we can also provide a full project management service if required and a member of our management team can be based on-site during your relocation, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Contact us for more information on our relocation and revalidation of assays service on +44 1257 676006.

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